Member Stories: SkinnyBrands

September 14th 2016

SkinnyBrands are pioneering a range of 'Skinny' alcoholic alternatives. We talked to Tom Bell, MD of SkinnyBrands about how they got started, what they are currently working on, and how they are finding Ashton Old Baths so far.

How did you start your company?
SkinnyBrands was started on the back of endless work in understanding the market and the need to innovate in the alcohol sector. Market research with consumers, retailers, wholesalers etc all confirmed my thoughts and preconception of the industry and the need to offer a healthier alternative for the ever-changing consumer landscape. With very small and limited personal investment and lot of hard work SkinnyBrands Ltd was created.  


What are the SkinnyBrand team working on at the moment?
As a team we are working on developing our NPD lines which includes a Cider and Lager on draught, and launching it into the UK market, while we continue to push very hard and successfully into the UK and international markets with our Lager.  


What do you like about AOB?
AOB gave us the flexibility we needed as a start up and the look and feel of a major brand. Inviting customers, clients and major stakeholders in the market to an innovative company needs an innovative location and AOB provides that wow factor we needed.  


What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?
As we continue to grow and develop rapidly, we are capturing the market with something that hasn’t ever been done before, so our opportunities are endless. Fundamentally market and product development isn’t cheap and bringing in a pool of highly influential investors is a priority and leveraging those to gain market presence is high on our agenda. But simply having SkinnyBrands products available on every menu, in every fridge and on every shelf is our focus, our drive and our end goal.

"AOB gave us the flexibility we needed as a start up and the look and feel of a major brand."

Tom Bell, MD of SkinnyBrands

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