A heart-warming moment ❤

September 20th 2021

A lovely moment today at AOB, we had a visit from Pat Broadhead who brought with her a painting that her husband did a few years ago of AOB.

Arthur Broadhead was a well-known artist in Tameside and took the time to produce this lovely piece of artwork of the baths, even including their 3 legged dog ❤

July 21st 2022

Get To Know Your Customers Day

It’s get to know your customers day, so at AOB we enjoyed a lovely breakfast meeting this morning with lots of good conversation, laughter and collaborations!


July 7th 2022

World Chocolate Day🍫

AOB residents enjoyed a lovely chocolate treat today to celebrate World Chocolate Day!🍫

June 17th 2022

Ice Lollies for all!

Cooling it down here at AOB with ice lollies for staff and visitors. 🍭
Have a lovely weekend!☀️