Ashton Sixth Form College Tour

Regeneration Curriculum

March 26th 2024

We had the pleasure of showing two groups of students from Ashton Sixth Form College around the Centre today as part of their Regeneration Curriculum. It’s great to see so many young people interested in the story of AOB! 

March 21st 2024

Down Syndrome Awareness Day

AOB held a cake sale arranged by Natalie, a Bric by Bric colleague of Saffer Cooper…….
All donations were for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. This is officially celebrated on 21st March each year, the date is significant as people with Down Syndrome have 3 copies of chromosome 21- hence 21/3. The day is marked with people wearing odd socks to celebrate individuals who have Down Syndrome and inclusivity (socks were chosen as chromosomes are shaped similarly to socks)
More information about Down Syndrome can be found here:

March 7th 2024

Andy Burnham Visit

AOB was delighted to welcome Andy Burnham to the Centre. Andy was meeting with colleagues and Centre Manager Fi managed to snap a quick picture on the way out 😊

February 24th 2024

Tape Letters project

AOB was delighted to be chosen as the venue for Modus Arts Tape Letters project, which shines light on the practice of recording and sending messages on cassette tape as an unorthodox method of communication by Pakistanis who migrated and settled in the UK between 1960-1980!