Member Stories: Affinity Media

February 24th 2020

Affinity Media have gone from strength to strength.

Marcus from Affinity Media in action in Portugal

How did you start your company?

After finishing a full time role with a production company 3 years ago, I decided that it was the right time to set up my own business and thus, Affinity Media was formed. Over the years, I have worked mainly within the corporate video sector producing content for a number of blue chip companies in multiple locations all over the world, and this gave me a great foundation of experience when starting my own business. The first project that I produced with Affinity Media was on a shoot in London for Virgin Media which was a great way to start, and since then my client base has snowballed with very little advertising. Also the decision to move into Ashton Old Baths back in May 2017 was perfect because it gave me a professional and modern appearance right from the off, which suited the type of business that I was trying to create. Overall, I am very pleased where Affinity media is today and it was 100% the right decision for me.


What are you working on at the moment?

On a day to day basis there are always multiple projects that I am working on all with a unique set of requirements which keeps the job interesting as nothing is ever the same. I am currently working on a corporate event in Cascais which is a small town based just west of Lisbon in Portugal. Here I am producing an on site event promotional video, along with keynote speaker recordings and also some interviews with some of the delegates. On top of this, I am busy planning upcoming projects for the next few weeks as well as editing footage from past shoots. Some of which that come to mind are:

  • Planning a shoot with Tameside Council for a children's services video
  • Organising the logistics for a 4 day event shoot in Berlin.
  • Planning a shoot for an 11 week studio show focused on football.
  • Editing footage from a shoot in Madrid last week
  • Editing a promotional video for a shoot completed in London.
  • It can be a bit of a juggling act sometimes, but it keeps things exciting.


What do you like about AOB?

Ashton Old Bath is just brilliant. The management staff and centre are both amazing overall and I am proud to have Affinity Media based there. It is a great place to bring clients for meetings as it has that wow factor as soon as you walk in the door which is always a bonus. As well as being a great space, it has actually provided us with some new clients through networking with tenants at the centre. In fact, one of our kit test videos where we did a quick coverage of Ashton Old Bath actually led to the centre management company getting in touch to produce videos for their other centres throughout the UK which has been a valuable contract for Affinity Media. Without having AOB as its core, I genuinely think that Affinity Media would have had a much slower start and we wouldn't be in the same position that we are now.


What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?

Looking forward into the future, Affinity Media is looking to expand its portfolio of clients whilst working on larger and more complex productions.


"Without having AOB as its core, I genuinely think that Affinity Media would have had a much slower start and we wouldn't be in the same position that we are now."

Marcus Jones, Affinity Media

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